We provide a most beneficial system – liquid fertilizer. Our method is subsurface, deep root liquid injection. The fluid fertilizer goes directly where it will insure the greatest growth response. There is no need to soak in dry fertilizer or wait for good weather conditions, bore holes or disturb grass or ground cover. You can forget about fertilizer burn that commonly affects grass as a result of surface feeding and core drilling. Addition of liquid to dry soils loosens and aerates hard packed ground.

Fertilizing strengthens weak trees susceptible to insect infestation and fungus disease. It invigorates old, mature trees. Fertilizer encourages growth and twig elongation for newly planted and young trees. It develops stronger, deeper root systems. It helps to grow and repair damaged roots from excavating after home construction.

The trees surrounding our homes grow under abnormal conditions. We collect the leaves which otherwise would help to keep the soil cool and moist and provide food for the trees (humus.) Hard surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks and patios and streets inhibit the tree roots of water, air and food. The lawns that we so carefully cultivate also rob our trees of water, air and food.

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